We’ve previously published CAD renders of what’s underneath the Ducati 1199’s fairings, but Ducati just released these studio photos of the bike, naked. Nothing new is revealed, but these high-res, wallpaper-ready images do emphasize just how compact the “frameless” design is; there’s virtually no free real estate anywhere in the 1199’s 56.6-inch wheelbase.

This is also a great illustration of that frameless configuration. The aluminum airbox bolts to the front and rear cylinders, connecting them to the forks while a minimalist aluminum subframe bolts to the rear cylinder, supporting the rider and passenger.

The grand idea is: fewer parts, less weight. Despite being equipped with a .7-inch longer wheelbase than the RSV4, the 1199 is appreciable lighter; 164 as opposed to 179kg (dry).

via MCN

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