What you can’t see in this photo is that Grant, aboard the KTM 990 Adventure, is actually flying past me on the Yamaha Super Tenere, through a water crossing. Nothing to do with the capability of either bike, just as a relatively new dirt rider, I find riding a 637lbs behemoth absolutely shit-my-pants terrifying. I’m basically going to be comic relief in this first episode of our new show, RideApart, debuting next month on DRIVE.

Photos: Sean "Gimp" Smith

This new show is one of two major reasons we’ve been so massively busy behind the scenes so far this year. For the first episode, we took these big ADV bikes to Angeles National Forest, just an hour north of Los Angeles, to highlight how accessible, fun and rewarding adventure riding can be. Well, that and crack many, many, many jokes at my expense.

Behind the Scenes of RideApart’s first episode

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