Lacking the ability to generate excitement by winning races, Pramac Ducati has instead chosen to brand itself as "the first ecological MotoGP team." What's that mean? Well, they're sticking some Starck-designed wind turbines on the roof of their team trucks (presumably creating enough power to run their on-board toilet's exhaust fan) paying some poor people to plant trees to offset their carbon emissions and, most importantly, paying the most famous designer in the world to lend his name to a phoned-in race livery designed to advertise all this. Why fly Starck all the way from Burano to Mugello this weekend? Saturday was World Environment Day. To commemorate the momentous occasion, the French designer composed a short poem, it's below.  >

Times are changing.
Times change,
Very fast.
Yesterday, ecology

was looking backwards.
Now ecology is creating the future.

surprise, even a motorbike can do it.
What will be next ?

you Pramac Racing Team.

Pramac Racing

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