What's more important: being safe once you smack your head into

something or avoiding that accident in the first place? Painted in lurid

shades of high visibility orange or green and fitted with reflective

graphics, the new Icon Alliance HiViz helmet aims to help you avoid

accidents with increased visibility. Based on the refined Alliance

helmet, it'll be safe even if that car driver wasn't looking. The

helmet's interior shape has been elongated to increase comfort, there's

improved ventilation and a wicking liner to help keep you cool and dry. >

The mid-range Alliance uses a plastic shell and is certified to meet DOT and the all-conquering ECE 22.05 helmet safety standard, which means its slightly softer than Snell -certified helmets.

While a high visibility helmet alone isn't a guarantee of safety, it can work as part of a system of safe riding that can help you avoid accidents. The idea is that helmets painted like this capitalize on the slim chance that car drivers might, for once, be paying attention or at least looking out of their windows. Drawing their attention to you with these colors even a fraction of a second sooner might be enough to help them avoid hitting you altogether or dramatically reduce the forces with which they do.


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