This is a group of IAD Turin design student's take on revolutionizing

Moto Guzzi. Like the V12 concepts, the air-cooled twin remains the

central feature, contrasted by futuristic bodywork. But where

Terblanche's designs were re-interpreted a cafe racer, standard and

supermoto, this one's based on the Moto Guzzi Griso performance cruiser.

The upright visual mass of the girder forks reduces the horizontal stretch of the Griso's lines, turning it into more of an upright muscle bike. Perhaps the most controversial feature will be the retention of the spoked wheels in combination with the clean white expanse of those girders. We actually like that contrast, it makes the huge air-cooled mass of the engine look less alien underneath that angular tank.

Interestingingly, the shapes on the tail, when viewed from behind appear to reference the Galluzzi's Aprilia FV2 concept which previewed forms used on the RSV4.
Ultimately, however, this design serves to emphasize the limitation this single engine configuration places on the Guzzi brand. If it's to have a future, Moto Guzzi really needs to find a way to be a purveyor of more than air-cooled anachronism.


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