When the builders at Japanese custom maker Whitehouse first saw the Honda CB1100 they new exactly what it should be: an exact replica of the original CB750, just equipped with modern components. It only took a few key parts to shift the somewhat confused new model in the right direction, creating this Honda CB1100 Four.

The original CB750 Four.

Created in collaboration with Japanese retailer Goggle (think Collette, but Japanese instead of French), the 1100 Four is equipped with metal flake paint and retro graphics, chrome front fender supports, body-color headlight supports and surround, a quilted seat, period turn signals and voila, retro perfection.

The 1100 Four is the second light custom we’ve seen made from the CB1100 (the first being the Mugen Honda CB1100 based on the original cafe concept) indicating that the bike is extremely easy to convert into something very special.

Custom: Honda CB1100 Four

The stock CB1100.

Currently, there’s no plans to import the CB1100 into America, but we’ve been told that should sufficient interest be garnered, we could see the model here. Honda’s even run a Facebook poll to gather data and imported a model for its own evaluation. Fingers crossed.

MM-Style (Japanese)

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