Double-dip recession got you down? Growing tired of new color schemes in place of new models? The 2011 Yamaha R1 Roberts Replica is here to fix that. Sure, it’s just a pretty face, but it’s a pretty face on a previously ungainly superbike. These colors even make those bug-eyed headlights/intakes look good, a feat of graphic redirection previously thought impossible.

Update: Another high-res pic from Yamaha and part numbers.

The Roberts rep isn’t a standalone paint scheme on showroom-available bikes, instead it’s a project from Yamaha’s parts department. Unfortunately, that means that getting a King Kenny special is going to cost a distinctly recession-unfriendly two large. You see, it’s a whole new set of bodywork. Neither does that kit include anything aside from fuel tank, fenders, and fairings; there’s no mechanical upgrades. The good new is that, since the model’s not been updated this year, the kit will fit any 2009-2011 R1.

Yamaha says: You can completely transform your modern-day YZF-R1 to give it the look of the classic vintage yellow and black Yamaha Racing motif that was so popular years ago. This unique kit is available exclusively through Yamaha Parts & Accessories. Kit includes all bodywork needed to make the conversion; fenders, fuel tank, and fairings. Kit will transform any 2009~2011 YZF-R1 regardless of original color. Fits '09~'11 R1.

Body Conversion Kit Part Number: 14B-F15H0-V0-00

Yellow Seat Cover: 14B-F47F0-U0-00


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