Been wondering how you can scrape fairing at low speeds in a wet parking lot like a Japanese gymkhana rider? Well, that mostly involves bike setup and tires, but this video might be a good place to start. First, find a willing partner and have them kneel down.

Actually, aside from the bizarre focus on low-speed lean angles, this appears to be a general sport riding instruction video largely focusing on body position. We don’t speak japanese, but you can see the method they’re instructing is essentially current riding practice the world over: one cheek off, knee out at 90 degrees, outside arm stretched over tank, torso parallel to the ground.

Wondering how to go from proper body position to knee down at 10mph? Well the bike they’re using are indicative of what that takes. Rather than a GSX-R or R6, it’s a Honda CB1300, which is designed to turn more predictably at low speeds and delivers smooth, effortless, tractable drive even at 5-10mph. They’re likely holding it at a steady throttle opening and controlling speed with the back brake. Tires need to be warm before trying any of this too.

Using that back brake instead of varying the throttle removes the possibility for fueling hiccups and snappy inputs to the rear tire as chain tension alters; using the brake keeps it taught.

Thank for the tip, KR Tong.

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