Looks like the EBR 1190RS is alllmoossst ready for its debut at the Indy Dealer Expo this weekend. Erik Buell Racing just dropped this photo on its Facebook page, apparently showing the RS sans fairing. What do we see? Well, the forward-facing radiators from the EBR 1190RR and an awful lot of carbon fiber. That’s no surprise, the RS is essentially an RR with lights and other road legal equipment like a big ol’ exhaust and Erik’s already said he’s fitting high end components to help justify the $40k-ish price. One interesting thing we haven’t seen before are the wheels, the spokes appear to radiate from the outside of the hub, tapering in to the center of the rim.

Update: EBR expects to begin racing the 1190RS at the Infineon AMA Pro Superbike race in May thanks to sponsorship by AMSOIL.

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