Some other motorcycle “media” outlets have regurgitated a bunch of conjecture and rumor that Erik Buell Racing would be unveiling the 1190RS at some awards thing at Daytona in March. I hope you guys understand the difference between rumor and reporting. We simply spoke to Erik, who told us he was getting the bike ready for the Indy Dealer Expo, which starts tomorrow. Here’s a picture of it loaded in a van, getting ready to drive there from East Troy. The EBR 1190RS is on the left, with the big, road-legal exhaust.

This picture was added to EBR’s Facebook page with the caption:

"Spy photo of the race 1125 and the 1190RS in the van on it's way to Indy for the big show! Thank you to everyone for your faith and support! It's going to be an amazing year!"

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