Shot using an onboard camera during Red Bull X Ray — a hybrid MX/FMX showcase in Australia — this photograph demonstrates the Freestyle Motocross trick known as “Rock Solid.” Here’s a six step guide to doing a no-handed superman yourself.

Photos: Mark Watson/Bruce Allan/Red Bull Photofiles

Note: some people call this move rock solid, some call it superman, it’s obvious what we’re talking about: horizontal body and legs, arms out to the side.

1. Get some good air. You’ll need both height and distance for a long jump duration. The ideal bike inclination is with the front wheels slightly higher than the rear.

2. As the jump starts to climb, kick your legs back and up while reaching for the seat with both hands.

3. As your feet come up and your body moves towards the horizontal, throw both your hands out to the side.

4. The idea is to have your body parallel to the bike and both arms completely extended.

5. As you descend, reach back for the seat with both hands, spread your legs and pull the bike through them.

6. At the last second, grab the bars and stick the landing.

Simple, right?

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