Exiting the timed mile of its record-breaking 376.363mph run at Bonneville on Saturday, the Top 1 Ack Attack streamliner recorded a top speed of 394mph, tantalizingly close to the magic 400mph mark. 350mph was only achieved for the first time ever in 2006, while the first record over 300mph was recorded way back in 1975.


This video shows the Ack Attack's 2008 effort.

Riding the twin-Hayabusa-engined, carbon fiber-shelled streamliner, Rocky Robinson took the record back from Chris Carr and the BUB Seven streamliner, which reached 367.382mph last year.

All this activity comes after a long period without a new motorcycle land speed record. in 1990 Dave Campos reached 322.150mph in a twin-Harley-engined streamliner, a record that would remain unbroken for the next 16 years. Then, on September 3, 2006, Rocky Robinson reached 342.797mph, a record that was soon taken by Chris Carr on Septembter 5, 2006 when he broke the 350mph barrier. A nearly 50mph improvement in just four years? Suddenly, 400mph seems attainable.

via Land Racing Forum

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