Now that we’ve got leaked specs on the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R, it’s time to compare it to all its liter bike rivals. Sure, all these bikes are extraordinarily fast and it’s not their own performance that’s the limit here, it’s yours, but if only for Internet bragging rights, everyone wants to know which superbike will tear off your face the fastest. Hint: it’s the one you think it is.

A larger version of this picture is available in the gallery below.

Where possible, we’ve used manufacturer quoted figures. Sure, they all use slighty different measurments, but aside from sneaking into Kawasaki HQ with a very large set of scale and a dynamometer, this is the fairest possible way we currently have to compare them. Don’t see a bike that  you want compared? Look up its numbers and stick ‘em in comments.

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