It's Saturday. You're supposed to be out riding. Instead, you're home with some lame excuse and surfing the internet. Since you stopped by, we want to give you something to look at. Here are 5 awesome adventure videos of guys showing you how it's done. See if you make it past the first one before beginning to plan your next trip, we didn't.

A man, his Kawasaki KLR650 (or two), an amazing route, and a sense of humor. I didn't know there were places on Earth that looked like the ones he visited, but now I want to see them too.

If you can make it past the horrendous intro (hint: 45 seconds), you'll be treated to the best off-road adventure videos I've ever seen. These guys absolutely rip, and their use of the quadcopter highlights it beautifully.

I was hooked as soon as I saw them trace the route on the map. Opportunity of a lifetime.

It's awesome to see some great riding right in our own backyard...and by backyard I mean country.

This guy basically invented the whole Adventure thing and gives us a nice reminder that you don't need to have all the fancy gear for adventure; just the ability to find gas, food, and beer.

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