We get a sneak peek at Honda's little warrior.

A Honda insider has exclusively leaked as-yet unrevealed specifications of the 2014 Honda CBR300R to RideApart. We already knew it was getting a bigger, 300cc motor, but it comes as a surprise that the bike will drop some weight, too.

The current Honda CBR250R, launched in 2011, currently makes 26 bhp and 17 lb.-ft. of torque from its 249cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor. That powers an all-up weight (including a full tank of fuel) of 357 lbs.

The insider — a reliable source — revealed to us that the CBR300R will add 5 bhp in power while dropping 15 lbs in weight. The engine remains a single-cylinder. That takes total power to 31 bhp while the all-up weight decreases to 342 lbs.

The CBR300R was unveiled two weeks ago at at the China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, but only with two images and zero specs. We expect to learn complete details of the new bike soon.

The up in capacity is obviously in response to the Ninja 250 growing into the Kawasaki Ninja 300. That bike makes 39 bhp and 20 lb.-ft. from its parallel-twin motor, powering 379 lbs (curb). That should remain the faster bike, but as of the 2014 model year, it's also a much more expensive one, with prices starting at $4,999. It'll be interesting to see how close the CBR300R remains to the 250's current $4,199.

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