The California Superbike school is selling their 2011 BMW S1000RR fleet to make way for the new 2013 model. The bikes range from $9,500 to $12,000, making them a few grand to a couple hundred dollars cheaper than ones in dealers or on Craigslist.

Since adopting the S1000RR in 2010, Keith says that the rate of crashing has been cut in half. About 5 out of the 30 bikes have been sold so far. All been track maintained by the school's mechanic, Will Eikenberry. Also unlike most bikes in dealers and on Craigslist, that means that the've been kept in nearly perfect condition. They are currently being given their 18,000 mile service. Street and Track setups are available — and if you'd like any custom work to it, it is available at an extra cost. Want one? Call the school on 1-800-530-3350.

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