Matchless, Britain's oldest motorcycle brand, is launching its debut clothing collection and has draped Kate Moss over Marlon Brando’s ride from the The Wild One for its first ad campaign.

Kate Moss and Matchless Motorcycles
Kate Moss.

Matchless was bought by the former owners of Belstaff, the Malenotti brothers - Michele and Manuele – earlier this year. "We are delighted to be working with Kate Moss on this first Matchless advertising campaign for this new era of the brand," said Michele – speaking in his role as Matchless' marketing and business expansion director. "We feel her spirit and personality fit the brand perfectly and this is clearly conveyed in the campaign."

It’s great to see the Matchless name return, but it is a shame to see another legendary marque diluted into an expensive fashion brand, with the first collection featuring a leather jacket priced between £900 to £1,300, and a washed cotton jacket ranging between £600 to £900.

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