In addition to working as an architect, writer and teacher, it seems as if resident intellectual Carter Edman is a bit of a poet as well. This one's about riding fast down a twisty road. — Ed.

They say strait is the gate

and narrow the way,

But I like a twisted black tarmac, kinky –

A road that’s old and tricky,

Angles & dangles & Argentine tangos.

I fandango like Django,

Bullfighter veronicas and

Delayed apex instant gratification.

Juvenile justification.

A one-man revival

on a Pennzylvania bakcroad

Tryin to keep ahead of the debbil.

Try to flow

and go slow

to go fast.

Third into second, a whine

On the decline

No sudden moves, Jake.

Engine brake, trail brake,

A sweeper turns to a hairpin,

Too hot coming in,

I’m over the yellow.

A blind truck, I’d be dead.

Lucky this time.

Look through the sun-glare

Into the shadow

And twist it on.

Knee down, like as if to pray,

“Sweet Jeezus, don’t let the gravel git me”

“Lead us hot into temptation,

And deliver us some evil.”

Who is Carter Edman? An architect and writer in Cleveland. He teaches “Motorcycles and American Culture” at Case Western Reserve University. He is also an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and can perform marriages in the State of Ohio and at sea. Carter rides a modified 2008 Triumph Bonneville.

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And writes as Richard Parker.

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