The Cross Cub in 50cc or 110cc is the second coming of the popular Honda Trail 90.

The Honda Cub started as a 49cc, 4.5 horsepower motorcycle in 1958 and has sold over 60 million units — making it the world's most produced motor vehicle. It is famous for its strong and robust design and for being considered the "Volkswagen Beetle" of motorcycles. It's also the face of "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" advertisements.

Honda Cross Cub
The basic version of the CC110.

A couple weeks ago at the Osaka Motor Show, Honda revealed two new concept motorcycles — a pair that are reminiscent of the Honda CT110 and the Honda ST70 — the Cross Cub 110. Just like the CT110, it has a 110 cc engine that outputs about 8 horsepower — it has the same frame as the Super Cub 110 and is intended to be an off-road motorcycle. As well can see from the pictures, the red one of the CC110 is the basic version and is more akin to the CT110 and has high clearance with dual purpose tires. The yellow one of the Cross Cub is a beefed up version with knobby tires, headlight guard, covered seat, and a higher exhaust and is similar to crossbreed version of the Super Cub and a ST70. Both versions are available in red and yellow and Honda wants to release the bike this summer.

Honda Cross Cub
The beefed up version of the CC110.

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