The latest NICB motorcycle thefts report shows that 46,061 bikes were stolen last year and that Honda motorcycles top the list at 9,082 stolen.

According to the latest report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, more than 46,000 motorcycles in the U.S. were reported stole in 2012 with more than 20% of those being Hondas. Here are the findings of the latest motorcycle thefts report.

The NICB report, which was issued today, shows that 46,061 bikes were stolen last year – that’s a 1% decrease on the 2011 figures of 46,667 – with Honda motorcycles topping the list at 9,082, Yamaha 7,517, Suzuki 7017, followed by Kawasaki 4,839 and Harley Davidson 3,755.

The NICB is a non-profit organization that was created in 1992 to monitor and detect insurance fraud and crime. It has a membership of more than 1,110 insurance companies across the U.S. and this latest report on 2012 motorcycle thefts is the result of data submitted by its membership.

In 2012, California was the state where the most motorcycle thefts occurred with 6,082, followed by Florida at 4,110, Texas 3,400, North Carolina 2,574 and Indiana 2,334.

However, in terms of the largest number of thefts by city, New York topped the list with 903, Las Vegas 757, San Diego came in third with 633, Indianapolis 584 and Miami 535.

Analysis of the NICB’s figures for 2012 unsurprisingly revealed that most thefts occurred during the summer months – July was the highest in 2012 with 5,529 bikes reported being stolen.

The figures also showed that while around 59% of all motor vehicles stolen are actually recovered, only 39% of bikes are ever seen again. This is due to the fact that many stolen bikes are chopped for spare parts that are then re-sold or, according to the NICB’s report, stored away for a number of years before being re-sold.

For further detailed information on the NCIB’s 2012 Motorcycle Theft and Recovery Report, read the full report here.

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