Want to watch real riders have a real adventure? Our good friend's show, Neale Bayly Rides, premieres on the SPEED channel on June 9th. The show will track the experiences of five riders as they traverse Peru on BMW GSs.

"Renowned motorcycle journalist and philanthropic adventure rider, Neale Bayly, has explored much of the world on two wheels, riding across 45 countries in 35 years, many of them at the helm of adventure-seeking expeditions," reads the blurb. "But this ride will be different."

"Leading an eclectic band of travelers aboard BMW GS-800s and GS-1200s, the unshaven, mop-haired Brit headlines Midgett Productions’ NEALE BAYLY RIDES: PERU, a three-part series airing on SPEED Sundays at 9pm EST, starting June 9th."

"Produced by Emmy winner Linda Midgett, NEALE BAYLY RIDES: PERU spends nine days following a group of average riders with varying degrees of experience on the trip of a lifetime to Peru. They face unbelievable challenges through the deserts and mountains...but find it's all worth it when their journey leads them to an orphanage."

"The cast includes: James Johnson (a minister fondly known as “the Whiskey Priest”), Troy Rice (IT entrepreneur), Dr. Laura Ellis (surgeon), and Brandon McDearis (chef and nutritionist)."

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