The fourth most populous nation on earth relies heavily on bikes for transportation. Here' the best motorcycle videos Indonesia has made.

The Southeast Asian country of Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous nation. Given the sheer number of people it is only natural that motorcycles play a big role in the daily and recreational lives of those who live there. Whether it is the pristine coastlines or the awe-inspiring national parks, Indonesia is an exotic destination that is on the list of must-see places. Here is taste of what its like on two-wheels in this exotic local.

Photo: The Stupidest Thing

Lawless Highway

Deus Ex Machina gave Ali Rusmiputro, an up and coming junior superbike competitor, a custom built cafe racer and let him loose on a closed stretch of highway in Bali.

The Great Bromo Adventure

A short video featuring a group of friends exploring Bromo National Park in East Java. Bromo is a volcanically active conversation area boasting unique landscapes and one of Indonesia’s highest peaks.

Indoprix National Series

125cc scooter/motorcycle hybrids going head-to-head on what appears to be a fun-sized track. This video is as perplexing as it is fun to watch.

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