Zig-zaging across the country on two old police cruisers.

Greg: "Hey, you wanna ride motorcycles cross country?"

Sammy: "Yea! But not on any of my motorcycles... We should get old cop bikes!"

Greg: "Sweet! lets do it."

"And that's how it started a few months back. Greg wound down his NYC programming job and flew out to CA in the beginning of April. A week later, two old cop workhorses were jetting through the California hills getting ready for a 7000 mile tour crossing the U.S. and poking into Canada. May 1 marks the beginning of what will be a lot of coffee drank, a ton of jerkey eaten, an obnoxious amount of photos taken and a whole mess of bugs on the helmet."

Samson and his new gal Laverne, and Greg and his lady Shirley, left May 1, 2013 to zig-zag across the country on two old police cruisers. I met Samson a while back and he's an excellent photographer, so I highly recommend you keep up with their adventures with me on their website: www.slightlycold.com

Keep up the beautiful photos and safe travels boys.

Crossing the Country on Police Cruisers

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