Back in England, "Grom" is slang for an unruly kid. The 2014 Honda Grom, known in other markets as the MSX125, is essentially a 21st century take on the monkey bike. For just $2,999, you get a fun little bike that returns, wait for it...130mpg.

"The fuel-injected 125cc engine delivers lots of torque," describes Honda. "The 4-speed manual transmission works just like any other full-sized bike, the maneuverability and handling make it a joy to ride, and there's even room for a passenger."

Equipped with the same fuel-injected, 125cc, four-stroke engine and four-speed gearbox as Honda’s insanely popular Wave scooter, the Grom adds strong styling, a new frame and surprisingly nice components like upside-down forks and a projector beam headlight.

Honda Grom makes economical transportation fun

That 125cc single-cylinder makes 9bhp, good for a top speed of nearly 65mph.

Leaving the Wave behind, the MSX125 uses an all-new, steel backbone frame. The engine is exposed as in a naked bike, but there’s heavy emphasis on the stylized plastic bodywork, which lends the bike a purposeful, bold stance. The long single seat does make room for a passenger and there are passenger pegs.

Honda Grom makes economical transportation fun

The Grom goes on-sale in the US in August.

Don't let the perceived size in this first press photo of the Grom fool you. Those wheels are 12 inches in diameter, this thing is tiny!

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