You already know the Yamaha FZ-09 weighs a lot less, costs a lot less and makes a little more power than the FZ8 it replaces. Here's some of the other big advances.

The FZ-09's new 847cc, three-cylinder motor makes 113bhp at 10,000rpm and 63lb-ft of torque at 8,500rpm. That compares favorably to the old FZ8, which made 105bhp at 10,000rpm and just 60lb-ft at 8,000rpm. Especially when you consider that, at just 414lbs (wet), the FZ-09 weighs 53lbs less.

How The Yamaha FZ-09 Compares to the FZ8

As you can see, while the two bikes share much of their chassis measurements (remember, the FZ-09 uses an all-new frame and suspension components), the FZ-09 has less trail, shortening the wheelbase. The should lead to faster, more responsive steering. Lighter wheels also reduce unsprung weight, improving everything from acceleration and braking to ride and handling.

How The Yamaha FZ-09 Compares to the FZ8

But what about comfort? Not only is the FZ-09 considerably slimmer between the legs, but it has a more spacious, more upright riding position. Even though its pegs are lower, the three-cylinder motor makes it narrow enough to achieve 51-degrees of lean angle.

The best part though? Where the FZ8 retailed for $8,890, the FZ-09 will cost just $7,990 when it goes on-sale in the US this fall.

Oh, and it sounds like this:

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