A group of motorcyclists rode from one end of Korea to the other - North to South. Watch their video adventure in the North Korean Motorcycle Diaries video.

North Korea is known for its oppressive regime and closed door policy when it comes to foreigners. It’s frequent antagonizing of other nations, regular human rights abuses and increasing nuclear capabilities have alienated it from the rest of the world. Many details about the country are a mystery because of the regime’s tendencies toward secrecy. Recently however, a small group of motorcyclists from New Zealand got a chance to go where no Kiwi, or anyone for that matter, has ever gone before. They got to ride from one end of Korea to the other - North to South.

The team

The team

New Zealanders Joanne and Gareth Morgan are two people living out their dream of exploring the world on motorcycles. So far they have covered most of the globe but in August, after years of planning and negotiations, they set off on an unprecedented journey that took them along the Baekdudaegan, a mountain range that runs through both North and South Korea. According to the Morgans, their journey was the first time anyone has travelled through both countries since 1945 when North and South Korea were divided. Check out the fascinating account of their travels below.


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