Russia is a big country, in fact it is the biggest country in the world terms of area. Western Russia, where its two largest cities Moscow and St. Petersburg, are located, sits in close proximity to Europe and is often referred to as European Russia. To the east, large parts of Russia are barren due to its extremely harsh climate. Where most people see an unforgiving and desolate landscape some see an opportunity for exploration and adventure. Here are three videos that give you a taste of what it’s like to explore the Motherland on a motorcycle.

Off-Road People: Ural Mountains

Watch a group of 24 riders take an off-road adventure in the Ural Mountains. There is some pretty wild terrain in this one.

Offroadpeople 2011: Ural from grom1300 on Vimeo.

Nighttime In Moscow On Motorcycle

This video gives you a rider’ POV video of the streets of Moscow after dark. Watch the unidentified rider on their Honda CB-1 take a nighttime cruise through the city - complete with bad techno music.

The Road of Bones - Part 1

Oisin Hughes is an Irish adventurer who embarked on a solo ride around the world on his motorcycle. This video is part 1 of his experience on the infamous Road of Bones that runs through Russia’s far East regions.

Exploring Mother Russia on a Motorcycle

23 - The Road of Bones - Part 1 from Devilsrider on Vimeo.

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