According to Time magazine, Bangkok, Thailand’s capitol is the world’s top tourist destination. This should come as no surprise. Bangkok is a city rich in culture and history, plus it sits in close proximity to the beaches. If you’re more of the adventurous type, Northern Thailand, with its forested mountains, may be more up your alley. The good news is that no matter where you go in Thailand, motorcycles are a common form of transportation and recreation, which should make you feel right at home. Here are three videos that will definitely spark your interest in this Southeast Asian country.

Bikes In Bangkok Traffic

You thought traffic on the Los Angeles 405 fwy was bad... In this video a rider with a GoPro weaves through Bangkok traffic at rush hour.  Can you imagine having to make this commute on a daily basis?

Thailand Motorcycle Adventure - Never Stop Riding

In this video by Never Stop Riding TV, a German motorcyclist goes on an off-road adventure through one of Thailand’s mountainous regions.

North Thailand by Motorcycle

This short video chronicles a motorcycle adventure through Northern Thailand. In addition to your standard motorcycle trip footage, this video also includes snippets of nightlife which help paint a more vivid picture of what its like to experience the region.

North Thailand by Motorcycle from Serg El on Vimeo.

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