Yesterday, Erik Buell Racing published this photo to its Facebook page. So far, so normal, right? it's clearly an EBR 1190RS, their flagship, $40,000 superbike. But wait a second, that bike has neither a pillion pad nor passenger footrests. Hmmm...

Erik Buell Racing Teases Two-Seat 1190RX

Earlier this month, India's Hero Motor Corp, already a technical partner and sponsor of EBR's race team, invested $25 million in the company. With that, it was announced that EBR hopes to expand its sales volume from 65 motorcycles delivered in 2012 to 20,000 in 2017. While reaching that number will likely require a few more zeros, it will also require more models. A two-seat 1190 seems a logical first step, requiring minimal development or engineering to deliver. EBR has announced that, in addition to the RS, it plans three additional models in then near term: an RX, SX and AX. Assuming the first letter in those names is a model and the second a spec, it seems to make sense that the bike seen here could be the EBR 1190RX.

The 1190RS is actually the liquid-cooled superbike Erik had hoped to produce back when he worked for Harley, but that company instead chose to bring the 1125R to market first. While that bike was marketed as a superbike, Erik had, in fact, developed it as a sport tourer. Making 175bhp in EPA-compliant trim, the RS weighs just 389lbs (wet), putting it on par, performance wise with the latest crop of superbikes from larger manufacturers, like the Ducati 1199 Panigale.

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