Widely known as the toughest enduro event in the world, the Erzberg Rodeo probably isn’t the kind of place you’d expect to see a street performance naked race. But that’s just what Touratech plans to do with this modified Husqvarna Nuda 900.

Covering a distance of 13.5km, the Erzberg Rodeo asks competitors to race up an old gravel quarry in the Austrian alps, overcoming loose boulders and impossibly steep slopes in the process. Hundreds of bikes enter, creating one of the most frightening spectacles in motorcycling.

Essentially a lowered, more powerful BMW F800GS, the Nuda should actually be a good basis for a large enduro. Touratech swapped the wheels for proper dirt-size, spoked items and fitted a Pirelli MX tire at the front and Rally Raid on the rear. Suspension is rebuilt for the dirt, gearing is lowered, a performance exhaust replaces the heavy stock item and a bunch of protection pieces out of the Touratech catalog were bolted on.

It’s actually mind boggling how stock the Nuda remains, doing without even a radiator guard.

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