It’s cold, but that does not mean there’s not a way to make it work for you on two wheels. In honor of the Polar Vortex that’s dropping temperatures across the country, we present three of the most impressive ice riding videos we’ve seen to date. Stay warm out there!

148 mph on Ice?

148 mph is certainly not slow. On ice, it’s certainly insane. Buell sent rider Craig Jones to Sweden to test the boundaries of speed on a frozen lake. This is the result.


Extreme Motorcycle Drifting On Ice - Jorian Ponomareff

French stunt rider, Jorian Ponomareff also took his bike to Sweden (it must be cold there) to show off his ice riding skills. In typical Monster Energy fashion, this video is over the top but it doesn't make the riding any less impressive.


ICE - World Championship Ice Racing - Bloomington, IL

Imagine flat track racing on an ice rink...that’s what this is. This video not only features actual race footage but also includes rider interviews that explain what it’s like to race on ice in such tight quarters. There is also footage of quad, barstool and kart racing thrown in for good measure.


Are you going out riding in this weather? We want to know.

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