“Lets start with the female manager doing a smokey burnout and the entrance to the service bay,” describes Larry Friedman, the designer of this Lego bike shop. The three-story building makes room for four bike service bays, an accessories department and even a display of Dainese gear. Larry’s hoping to drum up enough interest to turn this shop into an official kit sold by Lego.

“This building was an old warehouse that's been rennovated,” continues Larry. “The service bay, with brick-built doors, is down a narrow alley. The alley isn't in the best shape (looks like someone has been doing burnouts in the alley as well); the city's budget is stretched so there is no money to repave it.”

We dig Larry’s eye for combining authentic features like that burnout strip with a motorcycle shop ideal that’s at once realistic and romanticized. It’s sort of everyone’s idea of the perfect place to get your bike serviced or just jaw with the sexy burnout mechanic lady.

“Being that the manager is female, she decided to put up pleasing wallpaper, if she had left it up to the men the walls would have been covered with newspaper clippings and old Farah Fawcett posters.”

You also have to admire Larry’s mastery of the Lego artform. Not only is he able to fully realize his vision of a bike shop using standard bricks, but the attention to detail is simply mind boggling.

“Lets take a look at the service level , clockwise from the left we have the elevator used to move bikes from the service bay to the second-floor showroom (you didn't think they would hump them up the stairs did you?); a dyno to tune the bikes; emergency fire equipment; vents for the HVAC I mentioned before; a poster of a cute girl on a Guzzi cafe racer; a back room under the stairs for Harry Potter... I mean the coffee maker and bathroom; the workbench with tools, drill press, radio and service manuals, and a coke vending machine (although you can't see it, I'm using a string-piece and a jumper plate to simulate the vending machine being plugged in).”

If the bike shop gets 10,000 likes on Lego community CUUSOO, the company will turn it into an official kit, you can help with that here.

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