The affordable, awesome and practical 2014 Kawasaki Versys is gaining standard ABS brakes, further enhancing its commuting and touring appeal.

The 2014 Kawasaki Versys is otherwise unchanged for 2014, and that's no bad thing. Fitted with the long travels suspension of an ADV bike, but the 17-inch wheels of a sportbike, the Versys is uniquely nimble. That suspension soaks up bumps and ruts, keeping the tires in contact with the road in a way more sharply-suspended sport bikes simply can't manage. But, with 17-inch wheels, steering and handling remain quick and precise, while tire choice remains excellent. The tall seat and upright riding position combine with the adjustable screen to provide excellent vision, control and comfort.

New: 2014 Kawasaki Versys ABS - Photos and Specs

All the above are characteristics which will be made stronger by the addition of ABS and its no-nonsense, commanding stopping power in all weather conditions.

No price has yet been announced.

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