Pictured above is French freestyle stunter Jorian Ponamareff (picture Nick Apex with more cheese) eating a handful of dry grass. It’s the opening scene of his latest stunt video. WTF? The idea is that he takes wheelies, donuts and such into four different natural locations — a river, a quarry, the beach, a field.

Taking motorcycles out of their expected environments is always a neat trick, somehow they look better away from city streets or race tracks. But, judging by the making-of video, it looks like Jorian discovered the difficulties in doing so. Stunts had to be performed on what appear to be 20-foot square platforms, set into the locations and limiting both the types of stunt performed and their relationship with the chosen environments. Instead of being able to interact with his surroundings, a la fellow Frenchman Julien Dupont, Jorian instead relegates them to backdrop, limiting his movement and show in the process.

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