Now this is more like it. France's unit garage has created a bolt-on bodykit that transforms any current R1200GS into something that looks like a '70s Dakar racer. Including a headlight, tank, seat/tail unit, the kit creates virtually an all-new bike, but is completely reversible. Saves weight too.

Photos: Matteo Cavadini

Dubbed the R120G/S, mimicking the R80G/S that started the whole ADV thing in the first place, the kit retails for a pretty steep 3,920 Euro.

We especially dig the classic BMW graphics, red seat and boxed-off tail section. If you parked this outside your local Starbucks, the other ADV riders would have a seriously hard time telling this wasn't a classic, but it'll still be just as heavy and comfy on the highway as their shiny toys too.

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