Adey's been experiencing intermittent coil failures on his brand-new Ducati Hypermotard 1100, but was riding it on The Snake yesterday regardless. Then, mid-corner at big lean angle, the engine cut out, locking the rear tire. That spit him into a guard rail shin first, breaking his Tibia. Luckily, Adey was in his Dainese suit, Puma boots and AGV GP-Tech.

"The bike seized mid turn locking the rear wheel causing me to lowside into the guardrail," writes Adey. "Both shins hit the wooden beam that supports the rail. My right shin has complex fracture. Thank god I was fully suited or it would have been a lot worse."

"My leg feels like a bag of pretzels right now, but I can't wait to do a Muay Thai kick with the rod in my leg.

We're headed out to visit him at the hospital in a few. Wish him luck in comments, he'll be reading them.

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