Check out this new hybrid ratcheting wrench set from Craftsmen. On the open end, a spring-loaded tooth grips as you rotate right and loosens as you rotate left, allowing the wrench to work as a ratchet. Simple and useful, as is the rest of the company’s new automotive line of tools.

Our favorite item is this new “Figure Eight” wrench, which packs eight different size static ends into one $25, compact, strong, user-serviceable tool. Each end is a different size on each side thanks to a stepped design and the design can accommodate six-point, 12-point, partially-rounded, external-Torx, square and spline bolts of any length. That’ll simplify your tool roll, right?

Craftsman ups tool versatility

The new “Max Axess” ratchet will be useful too, by using external splines to grip bits, it eliminates any need for deep sockets, bolts of any length can pass through. Craftsman also claims this external spline design is far stronger than conventional ratchets.

Craftsman ups tool versatility

Craftsman is also increasing the versatility of its powerdrills, the bolt-on 20-volt system has attachments not just for bit drivers, but can accommodate a jig saw, impact driver, 120psi air pump and all sorts of other tools more appropriate for working around the house than on your bike. Charge time for the Lithium Ion battery is just 30 minutes and incremental charging can top the battery up to 30 percent in just 10 minutes to keep you working.

Craftsman tools are available on their website or in Sears.

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