First it was a CNG-powered art deco roadster and a cross-country drive through freezing temperatures. Then it was making fun of Indian for simply chasing profit through lowest common denominator products. Then it was his new American “Superbike” which looks, as described by commenter KidChampion, “like someone took a crap on a cruiser parked in a dark alley,” and attempts to solve a problem no one knew existed by suspending both the front and rear wheels on a single leaf spring. Now, New Orleans’ resident lunatic is trying to get members of the public to give him $500,000 to build three of those bikes and take them racing a Bonneville. Given that there’s 13 days to go and they’re only $13k towards the goal, that’s not looking likely. Oh, and there’s these videos.

Created in support of the Bienville Legacy Kickstarter page, these videos literally leave us speechless. JT, do you just not take motorcycle design seriously anymore? Do you, the public, really have any faith in this project?

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