This is Devin. He grew up riding in the dirt and only recently got into riding street about eight years ago. He currently rides a heavily-modified Yamaha ZYF-R1.

The Rider

"I grew up in Southern California in the high desert and started riding dirt bikes as a kid. The first bike I had was a Yamaha YZ80, and when I was riding as a kid, I was able to leave my front yard and pretty much ride in any direction. I still ride dirt. I didn't get a street bike until about 8 years ago. My first street bike was a CBR600 F4i."

Real Rides: Devin's Heavily-Modified Yamaha YZF-R1

Devin's R1.

The Bike

The Yamaha YZF-R1 was introduced in 1998 and has gone through multiple revisions as Yamaha's open-class superbike. The current version is a 998cc titanium valved inline-4 with a cross plane crankshaft that gets 146.2 bhp and makes 72.6 lb.-ft. of torque to the rear wheel. The current R1 has a fly by wire throttle system, valve mapping which allows for mapping changes and a magnesium sub frame.

Why He Rides It

"I picked the R1, partially because I'm a Yamaha guy, and in my opinion the R1 is one of the best looking bikes around. It also sounds like nothing else out there. I had a 2008 R1, and was really looking to get something different like a R6 or GSX-R750, but then I rode the 2012 R1 and fell in love. Great power, the crossplane engine is unique and has an amazing feel, and the traction control I didn't think I needed, works amazingly well. I've been able to ride a lot of different bikes, and I don't really think there is a bad bike out there anymore. Its more about how it fits you physically, and whether or not you like how it looks. The R1 feels like a bigger bike, not heavier, just bigger, and I like that."

Real Rides: Devin's Heavily-Modified Yamaha YZF-R1

Unmodded, see photos above for the change...


Devin's made a few modifications to the R1, below is the complete list:

1. Full Akropovic Evo Ti Carbon Race exhaust

2. K&N race filter

3. Graves block-off kit

4. Accossato brake master cylinder and clutch perch

5. Steel braided brake lines front and rear

6. Woodcraft clip-ons with a 1" riser

7. Woodcraft case savers

8. Attack rear sets

9. Bazazz quick shifter, and fuel management

10. Ohlins front suspension cartridges

11. Graves Ohlins TTX rear shock

12. Graves rear suspension link

13. Custom powder-coated candy red wheels

"Of everything I've done, the Ohlins suspension upgrades have impressed me the most.  I've never experiences Ohlins before, but it improved the transition from side-to-side, and gave great road feel at higher speeds and made the bike feel a lot a lighter."

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