Pictured is AMA Pro racer Jason DiSalvo setting a 174mph land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats aboard a 2,400cc Triumph Rocket III. That’s a new record in the Modified (normally) Aspirated Fuel class for motorcycles up to 3,000cc. What’s it take to coax a 700lbs cruiser beyond wobble-home-from-the-bar speeds? Aside from motor mods, the Rocket III Jason rode was relatively stock. Suspension was lowered slightly for better aerodynamics and a Daytona 675 R fender was fitted for the same reason. Tires were upgraded to ones capable of handling the speed. Wheels, frame, handlebars, foot peg location, seat, even the headlights and Deco chrome horn cover remain stock. As for that motor, it’s been upgraded from 140 to 240bhp courtesy of a $4,400 Carpenter racing kit. Even that’s fairly basic. Just new cams, a reprogrammed ECU and various head work to suit. Carpenter can take an otherwise stock Rocket III up to 269bhp and 192lb/ft while retaining the stock rink and pinion drive shaft, suspension and wheels. Of course it helps, too, that at just 5’ 3”, DiSalvo has scarce influence on such a large bike’s aero footprint.

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