KTM today released these dark, moody images of the new SuperDuke, saying, "The special creation boasts an engine unit bored to 1290cc, has ride-by-wire, a new frame and swingarm, super-fine WP suspension, trick wheels and a throaty roar." The KTM 1290 SuperDuke is scheduled for an official release at EICMA on Tuesday. What can we see in these shots? Well, the original Superduke theme — angular, aggressive lines, with the visual weight and emphasis hovering above and behind the front wheel — is made more dramatic. There's a large triangular headlight, visible in the front-on shot and an exposed tubular subframe at the rear. That latter item is angled upwards to an extreme degree, recalling the German streetfighter scene of the '90s. That engine also sounds pretty exciting. The LC8 used in the RC8 and now 1190 Adventure has been punched out to something in the middle 1,200cc range, likely for an emphasis on a strong torque curve. That motor already makes 92lb/ft in Adventure guise. Matching or exceeding that in a lightweight naked would be...interesting. Click here for the gallery and follow all our show coverage on the EICMA tag page.

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