This new Bimota BB2 houses the 193bhp engine from an S1000RR in a new, aluminum spar chassis. But it's not the (likely) sharper geometry or (likely) lower weight or even that machined-from-billet aluminum subframe that catches our eye, it's the use of a retro single square headlight. Damn that looks good. Update: now with 23 detailed photos. For a Bimota, there really doesn't appear to be any weirdness here. Conventional frame, conventional forks. Instead, it largely appears to be a design exercise from Tuscan firm sak_art design. The large side and front fairings are reminiscent of '80s Bimotas, particular in the flow of plastic from side to tank, while the rear is more modern in its abrupt dimensions, but references those old bikes in its blockiness. In fact, looking at these new photos, it's evident the BB2 retains the S1000RR's frame, triple clamp and swingarm, making this largely a styling exercise. Look closely at the photos and you'll see the BMW swingarm pivot, swingarm, top clamp and even clocks, albeit with a new fascia bearing the "BB2" name. Perhaps tellingly, BMW itself refers to the bike you see here as "An initial concept of this new motorcycle." Is there more to come? gallery link

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