Fitted with the wheels, tires and even motor from a big ATV, this Brutus is sort of an upsize update to the Rokon theme, just without two-wheel drive. Those big, low-pressure tires are supposed to help it ride through deep mud, loose sand or other challenging terrain at controlled, low speeds. That suits its purpose as a utility bike able to carry men and equipment into remote areas.

The motor is a 750cc single mated to a CVT transmission. Sounds like a Suzuki King Quad to us. It puts out 49bhp and can be operated in reverse.

That’s because the Brutus is intended to be fitted with a sidecar or snowmobile kit. The latter brings a front ski and rear track.

Other accessories include a winch, tow bar or generator, or likely anything you can plug into a vehicle that’ll make working in the outdoors easier.

Designed by former Lambretta designer and Italjet heir Alessandro Tartarini, the Brutus is said to be entering production next year under the OVER brand, where it should retail for something in the 7-8,000 Euro range. It’ll be interesting to see how it adapts itself to road legality, we’re not sure those quad tires are certified for on-street use.

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