The new Honda MSX 125 makes 9bhp and returns 130mpg

Equipped with the same fuel-injected, 125cc, four-stroke engine and four-speed gearbox as Honda's insanely popular Wave, the MSX adds strong styling and surprisingly nice components like upside-down forks and a projector beam headlight. Think of the Honda MSX125 as the ultime in sporty economy.

Produced in Thailand, Honda states that this is a global model. But, like the Wave, that will likely exclude North America. This is a product for markets where small, affordable motorcycles are the backbone of private transportation.

The OHC, single-cylinder produces 9bhp and is good for 130mpg (US).

Leaving the Wave behind, the MSX125 uses an all-new, steel backbone frame. The engine is exposed as in a naked bike, but there's heavy emphasis on the stylized plastic bodywork, which lends the bike a purposeful, bold stance. The long single seat does make room for a passenger and there are passenger pegs.

Honda MSX125: a sporty Wave

Thinking the tires look huge in proportion to the rest of the bike? They're 12 inches in diameter (unless my Japanese translation is awry), this thing is tiny.

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