The 2014 Honda CB1100 is being updated with a new, 6-speed gearbox (up from 5 speeds) and a new trip computer with MPG readout an a gear position indicator. There's also a new 2014 Honda CB1100 Deluxe which gains a new 4-into-2 exhaust, a patterned seat and larger fuel tank.

The regular CB1100 will go for 10,399 when sales start in March and is available in black. The Deluxe model is available in red for $11,899, adding ABS, .5 gallons of fuel capacity, the different exhaust mentioned above, and the stitched seat.

We were already huge fans of the smooth character delivered by the 2013 Honda CB1100, so the extra gear and enhanced looks and functionality added by the Deluxe model are welcome surprises.

Also, the 6th gear should lower highway RPMs, making long distance both easier and more economical.

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