Single thumper motorcycles have always been popular due to their simplicity and good design. The Yamaha SR400 is one of those motorcycles. Would you believe it's been around for 35 years now?

Yamaha SR400: 35th Anniversary Edition
The Yamaha SR400.

The Yamaha SR400

In 1978, Yamaha released the SR400 in Japan — a 399cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled motorcycle that was designed with simplicity in mind. The thumper engine produces 26 horsepower and 21 foot pounds of torque. The SR400 quickly became popular for its British looks, robust design and reliability. The SR400 remained in production virtually unchanged except for the introduction of disc brakes until 2008 when Yamaha canceled its production. Due to popular demand, Yamaha resumed production and re-introduced the SR400 in 2010.

Yamaha SR400: 35th Anniversary Edition
The 35th Anniversary Edition.

The 35th Anniversary Edition

Yamaha has released a 35th Anniversary Edition of the SR400 for 2013. Designed with throwbacks to the original SR400, there are many changes that remind you of the early SR400s. The tank and side covers have been painted in green with gold lettering. The seat has been upholstered in a two-tone brown and tan adding to the SR400's classic looks. The frame has been painted entirely in silver, matching well with the green. The speedometer and tachometer have the words "35th Anniversary" on their faces. The Anniversary Edition will MSRP for 535,000 yen ($6,040 US) and has a release date of February 14, 2013.

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