The C3 Pro is Schuberth's completely redesigned upgrade to the older C3 flip-front. It has a brand new spoiler, redesigned inner liner for a better head fit, improved aerodynamics, and is quieter than ever.

Schuberth C3 Pro: a better flip-front
The C3 Pro in a wind tunnel.

Ever seen a European moto cop? Then you've seen a Schuberth helmet. For over 90 years, Schuberth has been making safety helmets for motorcycles, F1 racing, industrial safety and for the police and military. Their helmets have been known for being some of the most aerodynamic and quietest in the business and for integrating communication systems that works with MP3 players and phone GPS. This new C3 Pro is an update to the popular C3 flip-front.

Schuberth C3 Pro: a better flip-front
The new ventilation system.

The Pro brings a new spoiler — it was designed in a wind tunnel and prevents lift at speeds over 100 miles an hour. It's one of the quietest helmets in the world with only 82 decibels at 60mph. The ventilation system has been redesigned as well allowing for 60% more airflow over the older C3. The C3 Pro has a built in FM radio reception with two antennas for better reception and range. The SRC-System allows the rider to communicate with other SRC systems up to half-mile away.

The C3 Pro will be available this spring. Look for a review here in the near future.

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