Not only does Red Bull produce energy drinks, they also sponsor all sorts of racing. One of those is the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour, a freestyle motocross event that features some of the best riders on the planet and its held in major cities. Now, with X-Fighters Jams, that series will be visiting some less-major cities around the world. .

Part of what makes X-Fighters so unique are the stunning promo stunt that take place before each event. In La Paz, Bolivia, Nick Franklin, Nick De Wit, and Martin Koren rode a bikes at over 2 miles above sea level. In Canakkale, Turkey there was another amazing stunt where riders jumped over a Trojan horse. The X-fighters event in Sri Lanka was the biggest spectator sport event ever in the country with 230,000 spectators.

Now, with Jams, X-Fighters will be pushing local talent in smaller venues in more out-of-the-way places. Look for more stunts like these this year.

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