The crew at ICON took their Triumph Tigers down south for the Baja 1000. Now, they decided to take them up north to compete in the Alcan 5000 ride through the Alaskan Alcan route.

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Alcan 5000

The ICON Raiden crew has upgraded, thrashed on, broken and replaced so many parts, these bikes are far from stock Triumph Tigers anymore. We ran into the crew at the Taste of Dakar rally (link above), which to these guys was the equivalent of running to the grocery store for milk. Watch the video of the team competing in last year's Alcan 5000 through the Alaskan wilderness.

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The Alcan 5000 Short Film - Lords of Atlas

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We can watch the rest of the Raiden videos here. 

The Alcan 5000 Short Film - Lords of Atlas

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