Everyone's favorite supercross racer, florida State Police Officer and general crazy person is featured in the music issue of ESPN Magazine, on sale tomorrow. As you can see, Bubba ditches his typical jersey and armor for something a little more...Rick James.

Bubba Stewart, Rock Star
Bubba's shoot is a recreation of the cover art for the 1981 Rick James album, "Street Songs," seen here.

"During downtime in 2008, Stewart picked up a wig and the Fender guitar trophy he was awarded for his win at Glen Helen, fired up a webcam, and turned into 'Rick James Stewart,' explains Transworld Motocross. The video was a hit and Stewart ran with his new alter ego, using it in various Supercross opening ceremonies and additional YouTube videos.

"They wanted to recreate famous album covers and they knew about James and his deal with the Rick James videos he made years back," Greg Hatton of James Stewart Entertainment told the mag. "Red Bull pulled us in, too, because the concept was something that was going around and they were asked if they had any athletes. The talked about James’ video and how he is somewhat famous for it, so they decided to recreate the album cover. James is one of 15 athletes to be part of the recreations. You’ll see James’ cover, Ryan Lockte as Nirvana’s Never mind cover being the naked baby in the pool, CHICK is Katy Perry, and a couple of football players as Run DMC."

ESPN Magazine goes on-sale tomorrow, February 8.

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